Get Ready For More Sustainable Publisher Growth

Maximizing Growth In 2022 A Roadmap for Publishers

It's an exciting time for publishers.

Third-party cookies are on the way out, and we're committed to helping publishers find the right path forward.

Our best-in-class social experiences, re-engagement tools, and identity solutions turn unknown readers into active, logged-in users.

In this guide, we explore the advantages of a number of burgeoning revenue streams, including:

  • How to make the most out of first-party data;
  • How to convert occasional readers to registered users (and subscribers);
  • How to earn more data and boost time on-site through mobile-first interfaces; and
  • How to use personalized content to maximize ecommerce revenue.

Publishers are better-positioned than ever to reap tangible benefits from a variety of new revenue streams. Read on to find out how.