Turn Unknown Readers Into Active, Logged In Users 

The Publisher Guide to Audience Loyalty

A recent study shows that although the average publisher only has 3.8% loyal readers, this audience group has outsized consumption habits—reading 5x more content than non-loyal readers.

So, how do publishers build and expand a loyal audience—while keeping it engaged over time?

At OpenWeb, we work with publishers to build their online communities, turning unknown readers into active, logged-in users – giving publishers a path to deliver contextually-relevant ads to engaged, first-party audiences.

In this ebook, we address some of the publishing industry’s biggest challenges around increasing loyal users, like:

  • How best to create pathways to convert casual readers into known users
  • Ways to create brand and user-safe environments that tackle toxicity
  • The benefits of launching active personalization
... and more. Let’s start planning for better growth—and start hosting loyal users who come back more often.