New Revenue Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Rethinking Revenue in the New Publishing Landscape Ebook Cover 1-2

For much of the '10s, Big Tech dominated online publishing. Sites fought for the massive audiences afforded by platforms like Facebook, and catered their content accordingly. In the end, the publishers were burned; they had tied their fates to companies that couldn't have cared less about them.

That experience gave rise to something better: the freewheeling, innovative, and above all profitable state of publishing circa 2022.

In this environment, monetization leaders know better than to dwell on just one revenue stream. Subscriptions, e-commerce, more insightful ad targeting—together and separately, these are charting the way towards a new, sustainable future for the publishing industry.

This guide was designed to help publishers get a handle on their options. It's a direct, digestible primer on all the ways publishers stand to profit in the new publishing landscape. Topics addressed include:

  • Increasing ad monetization through first-party data
  • Getting a viable subscription business off the ground; and
  • Maximizing revenue through strategic e-commerce partnerships
For publishers, the paths to profitability are expanding. Journey down one (or all) of them today.