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Understanding Your Audience In 2022 Cover

What kind of content keeps your readers on-site? What's likely to make them register, or subscribe? What kind of products are they most likely to be interested in and interact with?

At OpenWeb, we're committed to helping publishers gain meaningful insights into their readers. Our best-in-class social experiences, re-engagement tools, and identity solutions help to answer these questions by keeping users coming back, day after day (or hour after hour).

In this guide, we uncover solutions to some of the most pressing issues leading up to the third-party cookie phase out, including:

  • How to make the most out of first-party data
  • How comments and first-party data can help you increase subscription revenue
  • How to gain valuable insights into your readers (and what to do with those insights); and
  • How to use first-party data to drive new levels of ecommerce activity.
The shift to first-party data doesn't have to be scary. As you'll shortly discover, we are entering a period of boundless opportunity for publishers. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of it.